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The Reform Movement through RAC-Ohio is partnering with Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights to protect reproductive freedom through a November ballot amendment. As part of this campaign we are making sure voters know about this important ballot measure during an 'off year' election when voter turnout is usually very low. Our postcards and the talking points provided educate voters about what is at stake for reproductive freedom in Ohio and why it matters. We will urge voters to engage with the democratic process and vote yes on Issue 1, the Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Initiative.

Please fill out this form to order a postcard kit. Each postcard kit containsinstructions a sample script, voter addresses, and 30 postcards. You will need to provide the stamps for your postcards. 

Before ordering postcards, please review the instructions and nonpartisan pledge.

Once you submit this form it will two days to process and put in the mail. Once you receive the postcards you can send right away, the earlier the better. Note that postcards must be mailed by October 31st.

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After clicking submit, you will be redirected to our donation page where you can make a gift.  Please note, that for some, this suggested donation is a barrier for participation; others may be able to contribute more to make this opportunity possible for others.  Please contribute what you can to support the work of the Reform Movement's RAC-OH campaign supporting reproductive decisions. 

Thank you for your support!
You will receive an email confirmation from campaign@rac.org. Please respond using that email if you have any questions.
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